Velvet'sPhotographic Memory Semblance allows her to mimic other people's moves and fighting styles. It is predominantly used for protection from harm. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Towards the end of his work on the 10th season of Rooster Teeth's Red vs. Blue, he developed the color-coding approach to character names and design as a hook for the series. She was capable of using her Glyphs beyond impossibility like transportation, summoning Grimm, and using Dust much stronger than Weiss could. Im not sure if theyve been done before but Im trying to make them work, Ive started calling it a multi part semblance for now its basically the idea of a person having two or more semblance powers that compliment each other but cant be used at the same time. Semblance is a power exhibited by certain characters in RWBY. After becoming the Winter Maiden, she was easily able to use her new powers due to her Semblance already functioning like a spell being cast, which increased her understanding of her powers. What is your RWBY Semblance. Things like sound waves that affect only certain people who the user chooses. 2 when his Aura shield is intensified to the point of Cardin hurting his hand after punching him. Business, Economics, and Finance. Green's Semblance allows him to release a foul-stenched smoke that causes nearby targets to choke, allowing for quick getaways, as shown in his fight with Sun. Aura is what gives people their energy to fight, and the use of their Semblance in the RWBY universe. Her Overactive Imagination has yet to be truly matched. This is a way of creating Superman's powers in the RWBY lore, but also making them not too powerful. As time goes on, she makes slow progress summoning it - from a tiny sword in "Lessons Learned" to an arm and a sword in "Heroes and Monsters" to the full summon in "Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back", albeit much smaller than the real one. RWBY semblance ideas. As of such, my Semblance would likely be a form of clairvoyance, similar to the Spider-Sense or the Byakugan from Naruto. Like Emeralds Hallucinations, Overactive Imagination is very much about perception, except these illusions are more solid and harder to see beyond. Pyrrha losing control of her Semblance due to stress. Though while Aura seems to posses a stock set of effects for every person, Semblances are unique and individualized. While it seems simple enough, this might actually be in the user's favor as it can be used both defensively and offensively, stopping and creating attacks. Ruby Rose. [2] The Schnee family Semblance, summoning glyphs, is unique in the fact that it is completely hereditary. As I said above, there is VERY little we have in terms of canonical information. Your RWBY Life. Clark's Semblance is Sun Empowerment, which gives him super strength, speed, heat vision and flight. Some, like Blake's, refer to her personality in which she always runs away from things. Naming has to follow the late Monty Oums . It also allows them to heal. @StardustStoryteller. According to Kerry Shawcross, there are some Semblences that "everyone thinks they know what they are, but they're not". RELATED: RWBY: 10 Amazing Tattoos To Inspire Your New Ink. Its the perfect example of a person knowing exactly what kind of weapon to use to channel their Semblance and how to use it most effectively. Upon training in Atlas, Weiss displayed a level of mastery over her Semblance, as seen where she could activate and use several different Glyphs while in combat. Its an incredibly versatile Semblance, and its certainly one of the most powerful in the hands of an experienced user. People diagnosed 90.8 K. Likewise, Clovers Semblance means he can bring good luck to those he chooses. In "Where You Belong", Negative Weiss teleported herself to Ruby, Blake and Yang's location to banished Blake and Yang far away with her teleport Glyph. This particular Semblance, however, leads off the list because of the way weve seen it used in the series. Glyphs are symbols used by the wielder of the Semblance to give them additional skills in battle. Her Semblance is a likely allusion to Medusa, who was capable of turning people to stone through eye contact. Selective Semblances: What do I mean by this? Cinder's Semblance, Scorching Caress, gives her the power to superheat objects and change their shape. Weiss' yellow time dilation Glyph she uses on Blake during the Checkmate combo attack in ". Her summons are known to include Beowolves along with a Manticore which she can use as flight transportation. Allows user to slide across sand at extreme speeds in a burst. Despite their durability, Glyphs are not completely indestructible: when her cargo ship began to fall out of the sky, her gravity Glyphs were ripped apart. In "Do You Have a Plan? I'm not tied up to anyone. According to Winter Schnee, Semblances are like muscles and are able to grow and evolve. That's a good one I should use that for the Salem faction idea im making. Using her Semblance also depletes her Aura, causing her to burn out a little quicker in a fight. StardustStoryteller . Semblance Name. Share your newly created diagnosis! Since Nora Valkyrie is inspired by Thor, who wields lightning and thunder. But if you only focus on one aspect of it if you fail to test the limits of what you think is possible then you'll never truly grow. Please put the Name of your Semblance, User, and the exact description you used in your character sheet. There are also those who can generate and/or manipulate a specific aspect of nature, like Pyrrha who can control magnetic forces. Mina's Semblance allows her to produce Spider Webs that can be used to make weapons. Semblance. While the majority of semblances are generally left up to reviewer discretion, there are a basic few things in this list which include, but are not limited to: This list is subject to update at any time. Due to his tall and athletic build, Yatsuhashi is often feared by people around him, which makes him all the more . We could probably find another place to talk. They lose their aura and semblance if they had one and act like a wild animal with rabies. He used this ability as a child to escape a bubble of water his younger brother Neptune had accidentally passed onto him. Welcome to a place where both fans and critics alike can share and discuss their constructive opinions on Roosterteeth's web series, RWBY! The weapons she creates only seem to survive a few hits. It is described as letting him do anything that Dust can, though it is unknown if this refers only to the use of Dust as an energy source or if it allows him to use its elemental abilities as well. But my Semblance idea got rejected! In "Worthy" Weiss summons the Arma Gigas sword as a shield to protect herself and civilians from projectiles fired from Cinder. Its one of the most useful of Semblances, though perhaps not the outright most powerful. With Burn, Yang is able to absorb the energy of her enemys attacks and redirect it back at them. Sensory shift - Allows me to dull or heighten the senses of whomever I'm touching so I can render my foes blind,deaf, and dumb alternatively I can strengthen my teammates hearing, sight, or sense of smell for a small boost. I tend to overanalyze things to the point of tedium. What is a Semblance? Diana's Semblance is Three Gifts, which allows her to summon three weapons with magical abilities: a tiara that keeps her mind clear, a lasso that forces whoever it binds to tell the truth, and gauntlets with the ability to protect others. Allows user to increase the effect and power of Dust. The Hunter's eldest daughter could lead her towards what she needed the most, which she used to lead her village toward what she assumed was a new and safer home from the Grimm. Some . Since Nora Valkyrie is inspired by Thor, who wields lightning and thunder with his hammer, its probably not surprising that her Semblance involves electricity. Oscar is able to use Ozpins magic, even when Ozpin isnt in complete control. On one occasion, her Glyph turned red while she launched Ruby towards a Nevermore. Transformation semblances are remaining off the books until canonical evidence is given. Even if a person who was killed early on might have had an impressive Semblance, as this could bean example of the strongest character being taken outfirst rather than them being too weak to protect themselves. Semblance while Clover refers to his as Good Fortune. That is true, in a way. That, or the ability to instantly switch place with a nearby inanimate object. His father used his own Semblance to steal Mercury's and claimed that he would give it back when Mercury became stronger. Crypto Last Edit: EvergreenLeaf on February 21, 2016 on 10:04 p.m. She is a cat Faunus and former member of the White Fang, who left the organization to become a Huntress and . With new possibilities introduced . Allows user to gain an impenetrable defensive Aura shield for 60 seconds. Allows user to detect lies when touching another's hand. You can strike your opponent from afar and you don't have to hit the ground where the lightning would naturally want to go. Glyphs The user can control electric fields. There have also been Semblances with different names and effects but similar abilities, such as Yang and Adam's Semblances which mainly absorb damage (the former with her body and the latter with his sword) to augment them, and Blake and Sun's Semblances to create clones of themselves. Aura shimmering only has a texture, while Aura breaking is accompanied by particles and cracking sound effect. Allows user to to produce and channel electrical energy into their muscles, giving them enhanced strength. Another example is Blake Belladonna, whose Semblance only allowed her to create clones that pushed her in a certain direction, but as of "Of Runaways and Stowaways", they can stay around for longer and even interact with her. Summoning lightning from clouds. For example, Ruby unlocked her Semblance while training. Love!~ People diagnosed 99 K. Favorites 42. Weiss' Glyph as it appeared in the "White" Trailer, Weiss' Black Glyph helps her stay in place, Weiss getting bounced between Glyphs with enhanced speed, Weiss' Glyph turned red when she powered up Ruby, Blake, empowered by Weiss' Time Dilation Glyph, Weiss enchancing her glyphs with Fire Dust, Weiss using a standard glyph to stay in place against Wind Dust, Weiss using her glyphs to aid Ruby's Semblance, Winter summoning a swarm of small Nevermores, Winter's glyph was used to charge Nora's Semblance, Winter using a black glyph to catch and propel Oscar, Winter propelling herself with a Gravity Dust infused glyph. 14. When the Schnees use their Semblance, they create a flat glyph which has a variety of effects, from moving to summoning to creating Dust formations. What is your RWBY semblance? Blake Belladonna is one of the main protagonists of the RWBY franchise. This looks like lighting leaping out of the rods and coming towards me and my opponent. Our Summer Rose is the huntress among huntsmen, the Top rank star of the Guild and the holder of the highest record of successful missions since its foundation, all this following a life of tragedy. At first blush, this particular Semblance doesnt seem to be extremely powerful. [5] Cinder Fall unlocked hers after she began reaching her breaking point and experiencing severe anger and frustration due to the years of abuse she endured from the Madame and her daughters.[6]. Basically Kirin in RWBY. Jaune only discovered his semblance after several seasons of the show had passed. Always trying to wrap my head around both sides of an issue to get to know them better. The user can control the pressure felt by an object. Not gymnast or acrobat flexible, but more than the average person. In effect, the ability to think at light speed. We do NOT talk enough about how the beginning of Blake's semblance evolution is on display here. However, not all Semblances appear to be balanced out, as some seem to come with drawbacks while others seem very powerful with almost no cost. She needs to extend her hands to use it. Causes user to enter a berserker rage, increasing their physical capabilities. I had a semblance idea like this except it's not about taking away senses but just enhancing your own. The downside to Yangs Semblance is that, despite absorbing the energy of an attack, Yang still gets hurt by the attacks. Instead, its one that can give the appearance of those things. At some point during his service, Adam got into an argument with somebody at a Schnee Dust Company Mine, where as a result the other person branded him with the SDC logo on his face, scarring him and seemingly blinding his left eye. Overusing both Aura, and Semblances have led characters shown in canon to experience fatigue. Its an incredibly versatile Semblance, and its certainly one of the most powerful in the hands of an experienced user. Allows user to restore the Aura of a willing ally through Dust. Additional bylines can be found at The Movie Network, The Things, Game Rant and Screen Rant. Allows user to mimic people's moves, including their fighting style. Girls only. In the case. In "Dark", Weiss attempts to summon a Nevermore, but it was swiftly defeated. Punching the walls of the dormitory with my fist and with the help of my Semblance is bad proof that our room is too old and we need to be relocated. Vine's Aura was light blue while his Aura vines were light yellow in color. Growing up an only child of divorced parents, I didn't have anyone to talk to or hang out with as a kid. It must also be noted that only staff members are allowed to edit this guide, any other people editing this guide shall be subjected to edit bans. Opal's Semblance is described as a Blood Rush which causes lightheadedness and fatigue. This guide isn't perfect. Its one of the most useful of Semblances, though perhaps not the outright most powerful. What gives? Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Using Dust, certain individuals can modify their Semblances with elements, such as Weiss using Myrtenaster to change her glyphs and Blake Belladonna inserting Dust vials into Gambol Shroud to give her Shadow clones elemental properties. User Think about it. Although Carmine is believed to have less mastery over Telekinesis than Goodwitch, she's still seen as a powerful force of nature; from commanding weather to creating tunnels underground. Unlike Weiss, she had a different Glyph symbol since it took shape because of the Nightmare and she was far stronger due to being a Nightmare counterpart. StardustStoryteller . I called it "Idea Blood". It has various capabilities, such as being able to repair broken objects and property, allowing the user to cover up a previous fight. She was also capable of summoning Grimm without defeating them. A clear example is her younger sister's eventual mastery of summoning. She can also use this power to create explosions as well as controlfire and heat. The smoke can be filtered out through the use of a gas mask.[13]. Her father even teases her about it at one point, calling her use of her Semblance essentially throwing a temper tantrum.. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. I have two ways this could go; lean heavily into the Dragon Ball side of things, and just have the consciences swap, and where if you're not careful, the target could outsmart you and steal their body back, just like in Dragon Ball. In "The First Step, Pt.2", Weiss uses her Glyphs as solid platforms to leap off of during her descent. Because Pyrrhas time in the series ended in season three, however, we dont know the limits of the Semblance, so there are still others that, theoretically, could outmatch hers. Allows user to strengthen their resolve to carry through with decisions, helping them hyper-focus. Cyclops - I like weiss semblance but I can't copy it so I decided to trade versatility for power. GameStop Moderna Pfizer Johnson & Johnson AstraZeneca Walgreens Best Buy Novavax SpaceX Tesla. In "Downfall", Weiss summons the Queen Lancer she defeated in the airship battle to impale Hazel and draw him back into the school building. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. He would be even more powerful if he could learn to better control it. She can save up the energy to use later for an even more devastating attack. Of course, it also causes bad luck for anyone close to him. . SHARE! Marton's semblance allows him to Nullify Dust effects for his enemies. While most of the Semblances here are used offensively and pack a powerful punch, this Semblance is all in someones head. Sound manipulation. Chain Semblances: This is more of a reviewer discretion thing than anything, so don't take this at face value, but things like unbreakable chains that can bind people and whatnot and come in ridiculous amounts. Deceased, Inactive, So On: If your character is deceased, the Semblance will be removed from . That's months of subjective time per second. I just take abilities or ideas from better works and boil them down into a power. Huntress Team RWBY wants to Quad Battle! The Hunter's youngest daughter was able to calm any Human or animal. manipulated by the way you use it and with what weapon you use Sword: an arc beam, lance: a thin laser, a bat: and aura ball, a gun: multiple tiny aura bullets, a shield: a bashing wall. 01 Mar 2023 17:57:25 As of Volume 4 Character Short, she demonstrated the ability to divide herself into multiple clusters of rose petals. What especially prevents this from becoming a burden like Misfortune is that Cloverhas greater control over his Semblance than Qrow does. These Semblances are two sides of the same coin, and as a result, they tie for the spot of third most powerful Semblance weve seen in. RWBY Semblance Generator. When Weiss uses her glyphs to enhance her movement, she glides above them, mimicking ice skating. There can be purely offensive (like Yang's), utilitarian (such as Fox's or the Schnee family's), to completely non-combative (as the case with Robyn's). Though specifics and details are not expanded upon, the subsequent loss of Mercury Black's own Semblance implies it is possible for a person to lose their Semblance. Allows user to manipulate probability positively. Hello, my name is John Witiw, and you may remember me as a writer for Viral Pirate, Frontrunner Magazine, or Co-Ed, but now I'm here for CBR! She has been writing pop culture lists for Comic Book Resources since 2019. Telekinesis is a Semblance used by both Glynda Goodwitch and Carmine Esclados. The known users are the sisters Weiss Schnee and Winter Schnee, and their mother Willow Schnee. Edward's Semblance allows him to temporarily block a target from using their own. Personally, Ive always been Intrigued by what I like to call, the PickPocket. The other idea is you take the target's body, destroy their conscience, and get access to their semblance, and their memories. Summoning: We don't know enough and frankly, is currently a Schnee-only thing so don't trespass on this. I'd be able to detect every nook and cranny of everything within a certain distance of me. Everyone in. these manifestations act as abilities that these people can call upon in battle to boost their own power. RWBY had been a long-standing concept of Oum's for years before it began development. Like Emeralds Hallucinations, Overactive Imagination is very much about perception, except these illusions are more solid and harder to see beyond. The obvious caveat is that he is highly vulnerable without his weapon. Always have been an outcast and picked on a lot while adults thought I was too . She can literally make clones of other things now . The drawback to this super OP semblance, is if you use it too frequently, i.e trying to chain steal semblances and memories leads to a greater chance of being trapped in the current body, permanently handicapped, and never to take another body again. Basically, touching a person would steal their semblance, and you could essentially flip flop semblances to people. 7. Lets' take the recent Favorited OC, Jasper Zec It is well edited, follows all the rules, and has interesting stuff. In practice this would be used in fl. These clones push her in the direction of her choosing and can be used to trick and disorient opponents. A Semblance is the control and manipulation of one's Aura and personal innate ability. Mercury is the only known character to have lost their Semblance. User. An additional question is, what is the boundary between Aura/Semblance, and Magic? In "Tipping Point", Weiss accidentally summons the Boarbatusk she defeated in Peter Port's class using her Semblance, marking another non-deliberate summoning, though this time of a full-bodied creature. Some Semblances can also be unlocked by certain external phenomenon, such as Nora who unlocked hers when she was struck by a lightning bolt. Semblances are unlocked during strong physical or emotional events. In "Lessons Learned", while helping Weiss practice summoning, Winter instructs her to think about foes that caused her to push past who she was and become who she is. Being able to muffle my own movements and create noises far away from me to distract enemies. Your Semblance is like a muscle. Others have the ability to enhance their performance, such as Ruby Rose and Harriet Bree, who're able to move at incredible speeds. There doesnt appear to be an upper limit for how much electricity Nora can channel since we havent yet seen her body become overloaded by it. The entire Schnee bloodline has the same Semblance. Qrow and Raven turning into birds is magical, but frankly it's not outside the realm of Semblance either. However, the reviewer squad is putting in a trial phase to see whether this can be acceptable or not. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Allows user to send the hearts of people into a sleeper's dream. Argento's Semblance, Lag, allows him to make the target slightly slower than they can initially perceive, enabling him to dodge attacks he'd otherwise be unable to and deal damage he'd be otherwise incapable of doing. She can change the size of her summons, either shrinking them or make them grow to their true size, as seen in "Unforeseen Complications" and "Lighting the Fire". Notable examples include Qrow Branwen's Aura in ". Of course, it also causes bad luck for anyone close to him. Answer: "RWBY" is an animated series created by Rooster Teeth, and in the show, the characters possess something called a "Semblance" which is a special ability unique to each person. DISCUSSION. , she uses her Glyphs to increase the speed of herself or her teammates, as a shield, as a surface to propel herself into the air, and even to teleport from one place to another. Glyphs have a variety of effects on objects, monsters, and people. An OC, or Original Character, is a custom made character used in the wiki to roleplay and let creativity soar. I am not allowed . She can also change the appearance of objects around her, making her illusions more durable than Emeralds. You're a little childish, though you prefer "Innocent," and you tend to hang around with people a bit older than you. Edit. Added to that, the clones are not always useful and can be used against him: as an extension of his consciousness, he can be mentally attacked through his clones. but as long as he has it on hand, he doesn't have to endure facing a direct attack. Various My semblance would be something like Flynt's but more like bodyguards. Cerise Lichtenburg: "Last Stand" (when activated via the trigger conditions (reaching orange aura and being struck down right after), Cerise gains faster reflexes and thus attacking speed for a limited time, up to an hour or until she is defeated, whichever . A good example would be Lie Ren who at first only possessed the ability to mask emotions, but later also gained the ability to see the emotions of others. Allows user to create three clones, who amplify their attacks. Various So I have been assembling a list of semblance ideas for a fanfic I am getting ready to write. The way it would work would be similar to Kirbys copy ability, you would take the semblance, then you could either discard it to an unsuspecting person, swapping their semblance for the semblance you stole, or use the semblance for yourself. Allows user to control the minds of those they make physical contact with. Also regarding the second semblance I had a similar idea except it's not a semblance. The only person weve seen with this particular ability so far is Pyrrha Nikkos. But that doesn't mean it will come easily. So you would be that annoying person who plays their crappy music out loud on public transportation, just without the phone? , its probably not surprising that her Semblance involves electricity. Of the ones weve seen in the series so far, these are some of the most powerful. It is developed from a person's Aura and typically helps in battle against Grimm. Emeralds power of illusion means she can manipulate perception, but not physical objects. Target There are basic things which a semblance cannot be. What is your RWBY semblance? However, what kind of practical use would this have? This phenomenon is exhibited by Weiss in "Tipping Point", when she accidentally summons a Boarbatusk, which then attacks a party guest. Would someone that knows a mod kindly ask him to close this. Type ghost, ruby, ozpin. It is a long, LONG series of things being hurled at your face with the force of a flaming Zwei. The earliest known instance of Semblance evolution is Ruby Rose's Semblance. . Diagnosis results: Daily. ""Red" Trailer" Honey Wine, an operative of Spider, has the power to distract and lure people who hear her Alluring Song, making them easy to command and oblivious to their surroundings. Allows user to control the magnetism of metallic objects. User account menu. But it seems I have hit a creative wall and would like to hear what cool semblance ideas the community has in their . At first glance, it seems like a very beneficial ability, but it does have its drawbacks. Allows user to cover an area in a field which makes people and objects inside invisible. And so he grinded the blade, formed the crossguard, shaped the handle on a lathe . NEXT: RWBY: 10 Things The Books Did Better Than The Show. However, Gus can only amplify emotions the target is currently feeling, and has very limited control over his Semblance. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Well, that's completely up to you, not wholly, there are rejectable semblances which will be listed in the next section, however, semblances can include, but are not limited to: These are just basic examples, semblances can be more than just this. I just take abilities or ideas from better works and boil them down into a power. She can save up the energy to use later for an even more devastating attack. I am not allowed to try to pet a bear cub at the zoo. Each of the characters are based on fairy tale or folklore figures. This manifestation happens as an ability that's different from person to person, and is also described as a projection of a character's aura. As of the end of the seventh volume, its still not clear what Oscars Semblance is. The specific abilities and their strengths differ from individual to individual and are dependent on a number of factors, such as experience, training and innate skill. During her fight against Cinder Fall, the latter was able to burn through them with ease. Allows user to move and manipulate objects with their mind. RELATED: 10 Scariest Grimm In RWBY To Date. (multiple choice please do not pick more then 4) Thank you for clicking this and I hope you enjoy. What is RWBY semblance?, Yangs Semblance, Burn, is the ability to absorb energy from the damage she has taken, and redirect it twice as hard at her opponent, effectively making her stronger with each hit she takes. Huntress Weiss wants to battle! Semblance Slam 2: Release Oddleaf. Negative Weiss' Teleport glyph uses on Blake. In fact, the ability was created for a scene where she and Roman needed a quick exit. So when is it my turn to be psychoanalyzed using TVTropes? Ability to absorb all the kinetic energy from the surrounding area into myself.
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